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Private & Convenient Psychiatric Evaluations and Autism Assessments 

Common Screening and Assessment Tools

We offer comprehensive psychiatric and autism evaluations for both pediatrics and adults. We utilize evidence-based tools and work with experienced Clinical Psychologists to help us determine what may be going on. These assessment tools are widely accepted by both insurance companies and school boards to approve services that are medically necessary for your condition. 


  • ADOS-2
  • WISC-V
  • WAIS
  • SRS-2
  • Vanderbilt
  • SNAP
  • PHQ9
  • Revised Childhood Manifest Anxiety Scale, Second Edition
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Autism Diagnosis and Testing

At our practice, we specialize in helping children who show signs of autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, or challenges in social and verbal skills.

Securing an autism diagnosis often involves lengthy waits, but at Adult and Pediatric Institute, we aim to reduce these delays with our focused approach to diagnosis.


Our process begins with an initial consultation to understand your child's needs. Then, we conduct a play-based assessment, using the ADOS-2, among other tools, in a welcoming environment. We will also assess for any comorbidities such as Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, ODD, or OCD, depending on the child and their needs. This comprehensive evaluation typically takes 2-4 hours and can be spread out to better accommodate the child and their family.


After the assessment, our physicians will analyze the findings and develop a comprehensive report, which takes about one to two weeks. We then schedule a follow-up meeting to share our findings, provide a detailed report, and discuss treatment recommendations. We will also provide any documents needed for the school board to establish accommodations for a 504-plan.


Our  practice is dedicated to making the diagnostic process as comfortable and supportive as possible, ensuring that families are well-informed and supported every step of the way.

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